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The reasons of local extinction and a plan of restoration for Parnassius bremeri

(Lepidoptera, Papilionidae) from the locality of Okchon, Korea


Kim, Do Sung, Young Bok Cho* and Jae Kee Koh

(Dept. of Biology, Kyungsan university, Jeomchondong, Kyungsan 712-240, Korea,

*Natural History Museum, Hannam University, Ojongdong, Taejon 306-791. Korea)



  The reasons of local extinction and a plan of restoration for Parnassius bremeri from Okchon-gun, Chungchongbukdo, Korea was investigated. This butterfly from Okchon-gun were observed most commonly than the other middle areas of Korea in the past year. But only two adults was observed in 1997 and it was disappeared in Okchon-gun, 1998. So we considered that Parnassius bremeri is extincted from this area.

  To know the reasons of local extinction of this species, we analysed the result of habitat changes through the monitoring from 1990 to 1998 on 7 localities around Okchon-gun and also examined totals of 252 specimens from this area. Through this study, the habitat changes by road constructions recently and the frequent collections around this area are shown as the reasons for the local extinction of this species.

  We established the programs for restoration of Parnassius bremeri in Okchon, and also the breeding plan by investigation on life cycle of this species during 1991 to 1994. The most good localities for restoration by monitoring is Dongrakjeong and Jangwahri, which are considered as high successful breeding places.

  Key words: Parnassius bremeri, local extinction, restoration, Okchon locality, Korea.

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